All of the best new Church themes and templates for WordPress feature Sermon thumbnails prominently. That means you will want to consider how your sermon thumbnails look – and make sure the quality of them is high to match your beautiful new website. This will help to keep a cohesive look – and prompt your website users to keep browsing and listening – and hopefully inspire them!

What if I’m not a Graphic Designer?

There are a few easy ways to make some great looking thumbnails in minutes – even if you have no graphic design abilities. For example here is a Sermon thumbnail we made in 2 minutes using an iPhone App called “Word Swag“. Their tagline is that you have a “Graphic Designer in your pocket” – and being a user of the app I can attest that it is totally true.


This iPhone app allows you to type the name of your Sermon, whatever that may be, and applies a beautifully laid-out design to the text (like the one seen above). There are hundreds of combinations for text-layouts that automatically just happen. It even lets your browse free photos to use in the background of the text.

Once you’ve got it looking the way you’d like, export the image to your iPhone’s camera roll. From there, you can email the photo to yourself by selecting it in your Camera Roll. Once you’ve emailed the photo to yourself, open it on your desktop or laptop computer and upload it to the sermon in your WordPress dashboard under “Featured Image”.

Just like that, you’ve got GREAT looking sermon series thumbnails. The Word Swag iPhone App costs about $5 – but you’ll find it very useful as a huge time saver.

Are you looking for a great WordPress church theme that features Sermon thumbnails prominently? Check out our list of the best WordPress church themes below:

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