Best WordPress Church Themes

Sifting through all of the WordPress themes for churches that are available today is a daunting task for anyone – let alone someone who isn’t a web-professional.

This blog exists to help make that search a little bit easier by investigating WordPress Church Themes and putting them through the paces to see which ones are the best – and to help connect churches to the best WordPress themes for them.

If you’d like to read more about how we test themes and what qualifies as “premium” quality, read our blog about Premium quality testing here.

The Best Church WordPress Themes:

Without further ado, here is our list of the absolute best WordPress Church Themes:

“Restore” Church Theme for WordPress | Review


Another beautiful new Church Theme for WordPress just became available from This one is called “Restore” and has a design based on the popular reclaimed wood look, elegant animations, and a subtle parallax effect. As with all Church Themes from, this theme includes all of the photography seen in the demo – which isn’t something you typically get with any other WordPress Themes.

Because this theme is built to work with MP Stacks (a plugin that lets you totally customize page layouts and designs using drag and drop), you can modify everything you see in the demo as well in just a few minutes.

Essentially, these layouts are like pre-designed starting points which allow you to pick it apart and make it your own with an amazing amount of simplicity. No other themes we’ve seen have this level of customizability WITH this much beautiful design.

But this theme is much more than just beautiful design. It also includes plugin-powered functionality and has everything a Church website needs.

Included Functionality:

  • Recurring Events
  • Sermons and Podcasts
  • Video, Photos, and Text
  • Google Maps
  • Who We Are layouts that are simple to fill out and make “your own”.
  • Contact Us page
  • Totally Responsive

Interesting in getting this theme for your Church’s WordPress website? Pick it up at for just $79!

2016’s Best WordPress Church Themes are here!

The year 2016 is upon us! This is exciting because it means a whole new slew of great WordPress Church Themes are getting released and we get to go over them here at Church Themer. The functionality in these new themes is truly groundbreaking – especially the sermon manager.

Best new Church Theme feature in 2016:

A new Sermon Manager powers the best new Church Themes.

These new church themes really shine when a website has hundreds – or even thousands – of sermons. While this is something that may take a while to develop (thousands of posted sermons) if you are just setting up a brand new Church website – but truth be told – most older Church Themes aren’t designed to properly handle that many sermons.

The new Sermon Manager in these themes has an Isotope-Style sermon sorting system which loads each Sermon Series with the click of a button. That is, it loads them “on-the-fly” without needing to refresh the page at all. You can get through sermons quicker than ever with this amazing new system.

These themes are also packed with tons of other great features that churches need like podcasting, recurring events, and perfectly designed Who We Are pages to make your website that much easier to navigate and read for your users.

Without Further ado, here is the (still growing) list of new WordPress Church Themes for 2016:

#1) The Growing Church Theme Bundle from Mint Plugins:

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#2) The Restore Church Theme Bundle from Mint Plugins:

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How to make a good Sermon Series Thumbnail

All of the best new Church themes and templates for WordPress feature Sermon thumbnails prominently. That means you will want to consider how your sermon thumbnails look – and make sure the quality of them is high to match your beautiful new website. This will help to keep a cohesive look – and prompt your website users to keep browsing and listening – and hopefully inspire them!

What if I’m not a Graphic Designer?

There are a few easy ways to make some great looking thumbnails in minutes – even if you have no graphic design abilities. For example here is a Sermon thumbnail we made in 2 minutes using an iPhone App called “Word Swag“. Their tagline is that you have a “Graphic Designer in your pocket” – and being a user of the app I can attest that it is totally true.


This iPhone app allows you to type the name of your Sermon, whatever that may be, and applies a beautifully laid-out design to the text (like the one seen above). There are hundreds of combinations for text-layouts that automatically just happen. It even lets your browse free photos to use in the background of the text.

Once you’ve got it looking the way you’d like, export the image to your iPhone’s camera roll. From there, you can email the photo to yourself by selecting it in your Camera Roll. Once you’ve emailed the photo to yourself, open it on your desktop or laptop computer and upload it to the sermon in your WordPress dashboard under “Featured Image”.

Just like that, you’ve got GREAT looking sermon series thumbnails. The Word Swag iPhone App costs about $5 – but you’ll find it very useful as a huge time saver.

Are you looking for a great WordPress church theme that features Sermon thumbnails prominently? Check out our list of the best WordPress church themes below:

Premium Church WordPress Themes

Premium Church WordPress Themes are often a diamond in the rough. There are literally thousands of WordPress Themes for Churches out there – so it becomes next to impossible for reach church to properly test each theme to find the best ones – the ones that are easy to use, maintain, and work well in all situations.

That’s why websites like this one exist! We help to sift through the poorly made themes to find you those 1 or 2 AMAZING ones that will really help to boost your website to the next level. We spend a lot of time making sure that ONLY the best, most premium-quality WordPress Church Themes make it on to this website.

So, what are “Premium” Features?

So what is it that makes a WordPress Church Theme “Premium” vs one that is not? Well there are a few things that we look for:

  • Things the Theme “does” should be handled by plugins – so that those functions can move with you to your next theme.
  • The ability to make customized changes to the color/fonts/layout WITHOUT needing to write any code.
  • Support should be good – and there should be proof: good reviews from REAL people (not faked reviews).
  • A Return Policy if the theme doesn’t work as advertised.
  • The design of the theme should be cohesive; it should all work together well.
  • Responsive: The theme needs to be fully responsive and work on all devices.
  • Installation should take around 5 minutes total. If it takes longer (installing plugins manually, finding licence keys etc), it’s too annoying and isn’t “Premium”.
  • Set-Up should be intuitive and user-friendly. You shouldn’t have to read a bunch of documentation before you get to use it.
  • Photography used in the theme demo should be included with the theme – including licenses for the purchaser.

These are a few of the major factors we look at before saying that a WordPress Theme is “Premium”. There aren’t many themes these days that make the cut. Because our standards are so high for quality, our list of themes that are actually “Premium” is fairly short.

There are both pros and cons to this list being short. The cons are that there isn’t a lot of variety in designs (at least for now – this list is slowly growing as new themes get released that “make the cut”).

The pros are that it makes it very easy for you to find a great theme – without spending countless hours searching.

So without further ado, here is out list of Church Themes for WordPress that we consider “Premium” using the metrics above:

Growing Church Theme Bundle

The Growing Church Theme Bundle is perfect for Churches looking to have an interactive website powered by WordPress. It includes many church-specific functions including sermon podcasts, recurring events, Staff/Pastor Layouts and a”Who We Are” layout. Social networking is also a breeze with your latest Instagram images conveniently placed right on the home page. Users of the site can stream/listen to any sermon you post right in their browser or download the file to listen later.

This theme is also totally responsive and will properly size itself on any sized device – phones, iPad, desktops, or even tvs.

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Complete setup video:

You can find the tutorial set-up video from start to finish here:

Micah Theme

Micah is a powerful WordPress theme designed for churches to use as their website with features crafted specifically for churches. The theme comes equipped with easy-to-post sermons, news, events, photos and more. Sermons also come with a built-in podcasting setup. There is an option to include online donations through your website which is a huge advantage for churches in a changing technical world.

The address of the church is prominently displayed on the homepage for easy access by people searching for your location and even creates a Google Map on-the-fly using your address.The Micah theme is a great starting point for any church looking to have a great online presence.

  • 6 Page Templates (Events, Full Width, General Posts, News, Photo Albums, Sermons)
  • 4 Custom Widgets
  • 4 Custom Post Types (News, Sermons, & Photo Albums)
  • Extensive Theme Options Panel
  • 2 Tier Drop Down Menus
  • Podcast Friendly
  • Upload Custom Logo
  • Homepage Slider Managed By Theme Options Panel

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Ezekiel Theme

The Ezekiel theme is perfect for Churches looking to have an interactive website powered by WordPress. It includes many church-specific functions including sermon podcasts, news, photo galleries, and events. Social networking is also a breeze with links to Facebook and Twitter conveniently placed right on the home page beside the latest sermon. Users of the site can stream/listen to any sermon you post right in their browser or download the file to listen later.

This is also mobile-friendly as there is no flash on the entire site so you won’t be alienating iPad and iPod users. With a slick slider area on the home page and drop down menu’s, this theme has been carefully crafted to include many extremely useful things for a Church website.

  • 4 Page Templates
  • 6 Page Templates (Events, Full Width, General Posts, News, Photo Albums, Sermons)
  • 4 Custom Widgets
  • 4 Custom Post Types (News, Sermons, & Photo Albums)
  • Extensive Theme Options Panel
  • 2 Tier Drop Down Menus
  • Podcast Friendly
  • Post Sermon MP3s
  • Upload Custom Logo

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Moses Theme

The Moses Theme features a classy home page with a large image slider. It comes with 5 different styles and is ready out-of-the-box for a church to begin using as a fully-functional WordPress website. It includes the ability to post sermon MP3 files, events, and news articles. Owners can include links to Facebook, Twitter, and more with the click of a button.

The top navigation system includes dropdowns of up to 2 levels – which is great for churches because of the high amount of information being displayed. This will help to keep it all organized and easy to access. As always, the theme includes the full PSD file to make customization easy.

  • Documentation with video tutorials and how-tos.
  • Post Format Support.
  • Custom Page Templates.
  • Upload Custom Logo
  • Custom Built Widgets
  • Extensive Theme Options Panel
  • Fully iPhone and iPad compatible
  • Layered Photoshop Files for easy customization
  • WordPress 4.4+ Tested and Ready

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